Our Fees...

Our rates are based on the fees recommended by The Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA). We offer affordable options to clients and their families. Fees for service include time spent by clinicians preparing for individualized therapy as well as documenting progress in preparation for the next visit.    

 Fees for services by a Speech-Language Pathologist are covered by most group insurance plans.  We provide receipts with every payment, which you can submit to your insurance provider.   

Fee's for Speech-Language Intervention & Assessment


 Speech-Language Pathologist:

 $135/hour    $110/45 min. 

Communicative Disorder Assistant:

 $90/hour       $75/45 min.

 RATES FOR GROUP THERAPY:                                                

Speech-Language Pathologist:

  $95 /CLIENT

Communicative Disorder Assistant:

  $65 /CLIENT        

Groups are scheduled for 1 hour and consist of 2 clients.

Rates for Assessments & Reports:

Initial Assessments: $145 /HOUR  

Reports: $120

Written reports are provided upon request but are not required with assessments. Current assessments are essential to establishing appropriate therapy goals.   Goals can be guided by assessments provided by other SLP's (hospital, school board, public or private sector SLP's) or by caregiver requests.